Why eRecord?

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, "If it ain't broke... don't fix it!" For hundreds of years, it was the mainstream philosiphy applied for public records and the way documents were filed in it. We chose to ignore any problems and pitfalls for the sake of keeping a functional process operational. The truth is that the process is "broken"; has been for decades. eRecording provides a superior alternative to traditional document delivery methods:

  • Faster processing and recording of documents. In fact, documents submitted electronically are usually recorded in minutes - not days or weeks as otherwise seen with other document delivery methods.
  • Reduce costs associated with preparing, copying and delivering documents to and from the county recorder's office, as well as printing, signing, matching and tracking checks for payment of recording fees.
  • Increase efficiency and boost productivity by having one employee complete the entire recording process in minutes. Eliminate the need to tediously review and file large batches of incoming documents.
  • Greater document security, as you never handle paper documents. When eRecording, court-approved images are delivered (and recorded) in place of the original wet signature document.
  • Track documents in real time throughout the entire recording process. No more waiting and guessing; the information you want is readily available for you at a glance as soon as you log in.
  • Quick, easy and scalable setup using the equipment already in your office. In most cases, we can integrate directly with your current LRMS system for optimized security and ease of use.
  • Go green and help preserve our planet for future generations. By eRecording, you'll help reduce our demand for oil and paper while curbing harmful vehicle emmissions that pollute and harm our atmosphere.
  • Cloud storage means that documents are always safely stored and readily accessible in case you need them. All data transmitted is encrypted and tamper-proof sealed for security. Perfect for disaster recovery.
  • Easy-to-use web application performs tasks quickly and efficiently. You don't need advanced computer skills to begin eRecording; everything you need is laid out in a concise and intuitive manner.
  • Unrivaled customer support that's there when you need it. Courteous professionals are available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Just contact us for help!
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